Turkey Live Haul Cages

Our turkey cages have been designed and built for the safe and secure transportation of turkeys. Our cages have more structural strength and integrity per pound than any other cage. These cages are sure to last for many years of safe transportation.

Weaver's Independent Turkey Cages

  • Great Flexibility for Loading Independent Turkey Cages    Weaver’s Independent Cages have 4-Way Forklift entry. They can be taken into the ground floor of the building for loading turkeys by using the end of the cage. When loading turkeys out the second floor of the building, position the forklift at the rear of the cage and elevate it. Turkeys can be loaded through second floor doorway into front of cage.
  • Transport Trailer Loading  – With 4-Way entry, cages can be loaded on trailers cross-wise or length-wise. Standard cages can be stacked on top of each other for an overall height of 106”.
  • Precision-formed low-profile safety locators on top of independent cages serve to “prevent sling-shotting” of cage when stacking. They also help forklift operator to easily and more accurately stack cage.
  • Cages can be neatly nested beside each other with no cage Hang-Ups.
  • Rear Fences are one unit from top to bottom with large flush ports at each floor level for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Fences are easy to replace if damaged.
  • Top of Cage is Offered with Three Options:
    • Poly Propylene Fence
    • Thick Fiberglass Sheet
    • Galvanized Steel Sheet

Weaver Independent Turkey Cage

Cage Weight: 795lbs (approx)
Door Opening: 14.75″ x 45″ wide

Rear of Cage

Showing gusseted and trussed steel framework

Cage Features

  • Weaver’s Cage Doors are very user-friendly. As one person said, “They work better than ‘greased lightning’”. The door nests neatly in the top of each compartment, being held there with a neoprene tab. After turkeys are loaded, it slides smoothly down the door tracks into the closed position.

  • Also, note in the view on the left, the arched square tubings that support the fiberglass floor.

  • Cage Floors are made using thick Fiberglass sheets. In the door area, on the front of the cage, the floor is protected and held securely in place with a stainless steel angle that is bolted to the floor support frame.

Birds arrive AT the plant cleaner, happier and healthier. They will also arrive IN the plant with fewer bruises and DOAs. 


Trailer Mounting

  • Trailer-Mounted turkey cages are designed to be loaded with a turkey harvester. Weaver’s standard heavy steel frame cage is bolted to the floor of a 48’ trailer as shown on the cover page. We will build customized cages to meet your specific requirements.

  • Trailer Capacity: Typically twelve 4’ wide x 8’ long x 104” high turkey cages can be mounted on a 48’ trailer with a total of 144 compartments.

  • All Fences for cages are moulded with tough Polypropylene with U.V. Protection. If you punch through a fence with your fork, the hole you create is the size of your fork and turkeys can’t get out. If you destroy the fence, it can easily and economically be replaced.

  • Weaver’s cage design provides excellent ventilation which is an important part of treating birds more humanely.

Frame Construction

Weaver’s Welded Steel Frame is rigidly gusseted and trussed for maximum strength. Our hot-dipped galvanize is sure to last for a long time.

Weaver Turkey Cage Dimensions

47.5″ wide x 52″ high x 96″ long x 25″ deep

Weaver’s Welded Steel Frame is built with 1.5″ Square Tubing. It is Rigidly Gusseted and Trussed for Great Strength! All Cages are Hot-Dipped Galvanized (inside and out) in 840 Degree Prime Eastern Zinc for Extra Long Life

End View of Cage Base

Heavily reinforced forklift channels are built using 10 gauge steel.

Weaver Turkey Cage Dimensions

47.5″ wide x 104″ high x 96″ long

The cage dimensions are standard. We are well-equipped to build custom cages to meet your specific requirements.

Weaver’s base is a proven design that has been used for many years on our other cages built by Weavers.

All Weaver Turkey Cages are built with Arched Floors using one inch Square Steel Tubing

Arched Tubing and Steel Frame has great strength and provides excellent support for thick fiberglass floor.

Bottom View of Cage Base

4-Way forklift entry and open areas for forklift channel prevent plugging.