Additional Products

Smithway Transport Dolly

Designed for the Smithway chick transport system

Forklift compatible and dolly wheels for convenience.


Poultry Trailers

Are you looking for a poultry trailer? We recommnend Walker Poultry Trailers and Lowboys, your premier source for top-quality live haul poultry trailers designed to meet rigorous transportation demands, ensuring safe and efficient delivery. Crafted with robust materials and innovative engineering, our trailers guarantee unmatched resilience and longevity, prioritizing reliability and durability in the poultry industry. Transport broilers, layers, pullets, and other poultry confidently, knowing our trailers provide a secure and comfortable environment for your valuable cargo.

Feed Trial Mini Pen

5′ x 8′ pen with center divider.
Collapses to approx. 3.5′ for easy storage
Aluminum, built to order.

Weighs: 65lbs

More Live Haul Products

Cage Tie Down

Dual 6″ Springs

w/ or wo/ chain – 3000lbs


4″ x 6′ Nylon

w/ 3/8″ grab hook

Poultry Load Binder

LHP load binder

3150 lbs


LHP load binder

2600 lbs

Boot Rack

LHP Boot Rack