Live Haul Poultry Cages

Live Haul Poultry Cage Models

Width: 47 ¼”
Length: 96″
Height: 52″ (53 ½ ·’ with Stacking Angle)

Hot dipped galvanized in Special High Zinc; completely submerged in the kettle to promote universal prime finish; 5-year guarantee against failure due to rust.

5 Tier High, 2 Doors per tier; 20 ga. solid steel top; ( 4) Nesting angles on top; Winter Board Rods on both ends of cage to retain weather panels; Floor hold-down brackets at each end and Heavy Duty Zip Ties to insure a secure floor placement.

12oz Acrylic Modified Polyester Resin with High Strength Woven Roving Fiberglass Reinforcement. Translucent Green in color. Specifically engineered for poultry applications. UV Stabilized and Chemical resistance was built into the panels.

Extruded aluminum, with galvanized door brackets ( 11 ga. with no exposed edge). Utilize pre-bent ·’ No Hang Bird” door rods and brackets. All hardware is stainless steel, galvanized, or cadmium plated.

Constructed of (2) Steel 8″ x 3″ x 1/8″ fork tubes with (I) 3/16″ formed insert at each end (for added strength at fork tube stress points) and (5) 2½” x 2½” x 3/16″ angles. *3/16″ fork tubes are optional; *Fork tube “litter cut out holes” (aids in reducing litter build-up) are optional.

End upright is 2″ x I” x 3/16″ steel channel. Center upright is 2″ x I” x 3/16″ steel channel. 2″ Upright channel on each end with formed steel strap for Tie down pocket: ( 1) end welded and (I) end bolt-on for easy removal and floor replacement. (Channel is used in place of tubing to prevent build-up of litter in the bottom of tube uprights. This may allow water to be retained in these areas and can then lead to damage caused by premature rust or the freezing and bursting of the tubing. Litter build-up also adds unwanted weight to the cage.)
*Tubing uprights are optional

Structural Angle 1″ x l” x 1 /8″ is used on back side, and I” x l” x 3/16″ on door side. Flat bar 1/8″X1/2″ bracing/gussets.

Animal Friendly horizontal wire panels with fork bumper plates at top and bottom of both ends. AF horizontal wire panels used for center end and middle interior pa1titions, extend to the side of channel uprights to make repairs easier. All other partitions are welded from floor joist to floor joist duplicating a truss action which makes the cage sturdier and leaves no opening for toes, feet, wings etc. to get caught. * Animal Friendly horizontal wire panels are used in an effort to help diminish possible damage to wings, legs etc. in the removal of the bird from the cage.